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ADBL Roller 21mm Dual Action Polisher

ADBL Roller 21mm Dual Action Polisher

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ADBL Roller 21mm Dual Action Polisher

ADBL Roller 21mm Dual Action Polisher is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality machine at the right price.

The machine comes with a 6-inch backing plate. However, you can also change the 5-inch backing plate. Its ergonomic shape and 6m power cord make it very comfortable to use.


ADBL Roller 21mm dual action polisher is designed with advanced features to provide effective and safe polishing results. It incorporates technologies such as random orbital action and variable speed control. Therefore they help minimize the risk of causing damage to the painted surface while achieving desired results.


21 mm throw dual action polishers are popular among professional detailers and enthusiasts who work on vehicles with larger surface areas, such as cars, trucks, or boats. It is very effective for various paint correction tasks, including removing swirl marks, light scratches, and oxidation.



The advantages of a 21 mm throw dual-action polisher include the following:

1. Increased Efficiency: The larger throw allows for more effective and faster correction of paint defects, such as swirl marks, light scratches, or oxidation, on larger surfaces.


2. Even Coverage: The wider orbit helps distribute polishing compounds or polishes more evenly, reducing the risk of creating uneven or inconsistent results.


3. Reduced Holograms or buffer trails: The larger throw helps minimize the appearance of holograms or buffer trails that may occur during polishing.


4. Aggressiveness: A larger throw allows more cutting power and quickly removes defects. If you’re dealing with heavy swirl marks, scratches, or oxidation, a 21 mm throw polisher might provide more effective results.




Maximal orbit 21 mm.

Diameter polishing pad 150 mm.

Diameter backing pad 150 mm.

Input power 1150 W.

Rounds per minute (rpm) 2000 – 4500.

Cord length 6 m Weight 2.8 kg.

Electronic speed control – YES.

Soft start . Protection class II.

Operating voltage 230 V/ 50 Hz.


The Box Includes:


ADBL ROLLER D12125-01 21mm dual action polisher.

125 mm backing plate– 1pc.

Side grip – 1pc. „D”-type grip – 1pc.

Allen Key – 1pc.

Carbon brushes – 1 set.

Instruction manual.


UK Plug Adapter




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