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BadBoys Acid Shampoo & Foam 1L

BadBoys Acid Shampoo & Foam 1L

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Is a high-performance, versatile product with an acidic pH, for use as an acid car shampoo and in the form of an acid active foam. Effectively softens dirt and supports the removal of mineral deposits, which quickly cleans the surface of accumulated dirt. Created for the maintenance of various forms of paint protection as well as for the ongoing care of the car. Due to the strong degreasing properties, it is suitable for a home preparation of the surface for the application of wax. Safe for paint and protective coatings. Free from polishing additives and ingredients increasing the slip. It contains substances that soften water and delay drying on the surface, thanks to which the preparation is easy to rinse, and at the same time minimizes the risk of stains and stains.



  • Recommended foam solutions - 1: 4 for heavy dirt, 1:12 for light dirt  
  • Recommended shampoo solutions - 50ml per 10L of water


Method of use for pre-washing:

  • For application, use a PA foam sprayer, applying an even layer on the surface to be cleaned,
  • Leave for a few minutes for the reaction, not allowing the solution to dry,
  • Rinse thoroughly with water using a pressure washer, starting from the lower parts of the vehicle moving upwards,
  • Thoroughly wash and dry the vehicle, bearing in mind the principles of safe washing


How to use for proper washing: 

  • We recommend washing with the "two-bucket" method, equipped with separators and a suitable glove,
  • Pour the appropriate amount of the preparation into one bucket, clean water into the other,
  • Fill the bucket with the preparation with water, preferably using a pressure washer,
  • Wash the vehicle starting from heading downwards, not allowing the solution to dry,
  • Thoroughly rinse the vehicle with water, preferably with a pressure washer,
  • Dry the vehicle thoroughly



Avoid washing the vehicle in direct sunlight, Store in a dry and cool place at a temperature of + 5 ℃ to + 25 ℃, Do not allow the product to freeze, Always follow the rules of safe washing


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