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ADBL Bonnet Headliner & Fabric Cleaner 1 litre

ADBL Bonnet Headliner & Fabric Cleaner 1 litre

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Car fabric cleaner – ADBL  Bonnet is an easy and safe product for cleaning the headliner and refreshing the fabric upholstery and carpets. Modern cleaning ingredients remove impurities without affecting the quality of colours and texture of the textiles. It does not require extracting—convenient, ready-to-use formula with a fresh fragrance.

ADBL Bonnet is ready to use car fabric cleaner; it works perfectly for cleaning the headliner and all fabric surfaces. Therefore it is the perfect solution for everyone starting from clean car enthusiasts to finishing on professionals. We find it irreplaceable, especially when it comes to cleaning dirty roof cloths. ADBL Bonnet is ph neutral; as a result, it doesn’t require extraction, which is extremely important when cleaning the headliner. However, this product will find use also for freshening up lightly or moderate soiled seats and carpets, especially for car owners who have no access to the extractor.

How to use this car fabric cleaner?

ADBL Bonnet is very easy to use. We need 2 clothes, a soft brush, and a warm water bucket to clean the roofline or upholstery. Firstly we vacuum the surface. Secondly, we apply the car fabric cleaner on the microfibre cloth or directly on the surface. If there are stubborn stains in the fabric, we can agitate them with the fabric brush. Nextly we rub the microfibre cloth over the surface until we achieve the desired result, sometimes we may have to repeat the process. Before moving to the next section of the cleaned surface, we should rinse the microfibre cloth in the bucket with water. For a very dirty fabric, we recommend the use of a stain remover and an extraction machine.



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