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ADBL Hybrid Glass 1 litre

ADBL Hybrid Glass 1 litre

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ADBL Hybrid Glass – is a high-quality liquid glass cleaner for cleaning windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces. Provides a hydrophobic effect after use and thus reduces the adhesion of dirt to the cleaned surface. After using this product, the surface becomes antistatic and crystal clear. To enhance the protection effect, the application process can be repeated a few hours after the first use.


1. Spray the hydrophobic glass cleaner on the surface
2. Work it out with a short pile of microfiber
3. Polish the glass the clean and dry it with a glass cloth
4. Repeat if necessary.

What is a hydrophobic coating?

The hydrophobic coating is an invisible, microscopically thin coating that repels water molecules. If we use hydrophobic glass cleaner or sealant on a surface, the water will not sheet. But it will run off it instantly in the form of tiny droplets that

Automotive is not the only area where we can use hydrophobic coatings. Products with a hydrophobic effect are also used to protect glasses and goggles, especially those for swimming or extreme sports (e.g. parachute jumping). We can also use hydrophobic glass cleaners or sealants in the household, especially in the kitchen or bathroom.

How does the hydrophobic coating work?

The hydrophobic glass cleaner creates a thin film on the protected surface – a protective layer. Moreover, this product uses the forces of surface interaction to repel water molecules. It weakens the surface bonds between the water droplets and the protected surface. Moreover, it allows the water to try to find the shortest possible route to drain off it. In the case of a hydrophobic coating on a moving car, water droplets even “escape” from its surface.


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