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ADBL Tire And Rubber Cleaner 5 litre

ADBL Tire And Rubber Cleaner 5 litre

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ADBL Tire Cleaner is designed for the perfect cleaning of various rubber surfaces. It contains ingredients facilitating leaching and drying of the tires. Penetrates and removes dirt and dressing remains. Perfect degreaser. Leaves the surface clean and ready for the application of a new dressing. It is one of the first tyre cleaners on the market. The revolutionary recipe created by ADBL allows us to clean even the dirtiest tires to like a brand new finish. We can also use it on other rubber surfaces, not just tires, such as rubber mats, rubber floors that we clean inside a van, rubber seals around windows, etc. Over time, rubber loses its look and fades; standard all-purpose cleaners can only clean rubber up to some level; ADBL Rubber Cleaner is the answer for the perfect finish.


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