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ADBL Vampire Gel Iron Remover - 500ml + brush

ADBL Vampire Gel Iron Remover - 500ml + brush

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ADBL Vampire Gel Iron Remover - 500ml ADBL Vampire has one of the thickest gelly consistency among iron removers that are available on the market. High concentration makes it one of the best and the most effective fallout remover on the market. The product t is designed to remove metal-based contaminants from rims and paint, has a neutral pH and is safe for the cleaned surfaces. Thanks to the excellent gel formula, the product is highly efficient. One application developed with a brush allows the product to work several times. In this way, you can extend the action of the product for a long time after each working with a brush, which will allow you to dissolve even ancient and baked dust from blocks using a small amount of the product. It is perfect for removing brake dust and volatile rust from rims and paint. Safe for both painted and polished aluminium rims.


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