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BadBoys Ceramic Detailer 500ml

BadBoys Ceramic Detailer 500ml

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BadBoys Ceramic Detailer

Is an extremely fast and easy-to-use, specially developed cosmetic. Designed for the maintenance and nourishment of car paints protected with a ceramic coating, as well as a self-sufficient quick detailer to protect cars paintwork. Thanks to the high content of active SiO₂, it extends the durability of the existing protection and fills small imperfections of uncoated paintwork, providing an effective and quick protective coating

Directions for use:

  • Apply on a dry and cleaned surface.
  • Lightly mist the Detailer onto the soft microfiber applicator or directly onto the varnish.
  • Work the solution in a lattice pattern, ensuring even coverage, one panel at a time.
  • Leave the product to cure for no more than 30 seconds, avoid the sun and hot gusts of wind.
  • Buff off with a clean and soft microfiber cloth for maximum shine.


For best results, apply the product in a cool, shaded area and work one panel at a time to ensure that the product does not fully dry.


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