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BadBoys Ceramic Shampoo 500ml

BadBoys Ceramic Shampoo 500ml

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Is a concentrated SiO₂ based car shampoo, composed of the highest quality surfactants, along with the latest SiO₂ technology, which provides a protective hydrophobic layer. Ceramic Shampoo easily breaks through dirt,to ensure deep and safe cleaning of the exterior of the vehicle, protected with a ceramic coating. When used on uncoated surfaces, it creates a slippery, hydrophobic layer, ensuring protection and self-cleaning properties.


Directions for use:

  • Rinse the car with water under pressure to remove loose dirt, (for pre-washing we recommend Bad Boys Active Foam)
  • Add 50 ml Ceramic Shampoo to a 10 liter bucket and top up with warm water. (proportion 1: 200)
  • Using a washing mitt, apply the solution to the surface of the vehicle, by working in a straight line from top to bottom, making sure all areas are covered.
  • Rinse the vehicle with water before the product dries.
  • Finally, dry with a suitable microfiber towel.



For an even better beading effect, apply a small amount of Ceramic Shampoo directly to the washing mitt before rinsing, and spread it over the exterior of the vehicle.


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