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BadBoys Wheel Cleaner Bleeding 500ml

BadBoys Wheel Cleaner Bleeding 500ml

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BadBoys Wheel Cleaner Bleeding 

Product used for cleaning rims. Effectively penetrates dirt. The product strongly reacts with metallic deposits, which results in an intense, bloody shade of gel. Recommended for heavily soiled rims.


Product characteristics:

  • product dedicated to rim cleaning
  • gel formula allows for longer dirt penetration and slower evaporation
  • on contact with metal particles, it turns to a very bloody colour
  • the product adheres to the wheel surface in the form of an even gel glaze, which makes it flow off the surface longer.
  • safe pH
  • ready to use
  • safe for cleaned surfaces, if applied as recommended
  • neutralised odour (characteristic of other such products)



  • shake the bottle before use
  • spray rims generously with the gel
  • for a better effect, use a brush to separate the dirt
  • for dirt that is difficult to remove allow the agent to act on the surface for several minutes
  • rinse with water, preferably under pressure
  • dry the surface with compressed air or clean microfibre for a perfect finish
  • if necessary, repeat the above steps


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