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TFR & Wax (Concentrate)

TFR & Wax (Concentrate)

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Dilute At 1:8

A medium strength traffic film remover that is kind to paintwork whilst still effective at removing built-up grime.

With added wax, the built-in rinse aid helps to sheet the water off the surface whilst leaving a gleaming wax layer. 

  • Ideal for use on commercial vehicles.
  • Suitable for use on vehicle bodies, chassis, engines and trailer curtains.

How to use with a pressure washer

Step 1 - Dilute the TFR

If your pressure washer has a chemical feed, pour the TFR into the machine at your chosen dilution rate.

Step 2 - Apply To Vehicle

Spray the car with the pressure washer lance with the setting on your chemical pickup dial at 1-2%. This should evenly cover your paintwork with a light layer of TFR

Step 3 - Rinse Vehicle

Allow the chemical to sit for a couple of minutes to allow the TFR to get to work. If the vehicle is particularly soiled then some agitation will be required using a soft brush. Then pressure wash the vehicle thoroughly without the chemical feed. to remove the remaining suds on the vehicle.

How to use while handwashing

Step 1 - Dilute the TFR

Dilute our TFR up to 1:8 with water.

Step 2 - Apply To Vehicle

Apply the diluted TFR to the vehicle via a handheld pump-up sprayer. Allow the chemical to sit on the vehicle for 2 minutes then agitate.

Step 3 - Rinse Vehicle

Using a pressure washer rinse the vehicle off thoroughly. Watch the TFR strip the dirt away and leave your paintwork gleaming.


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