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Zvizzer All Rounder Ultra Fine Polishing Pad 3"

Zvizzer All Rounder Ultra Fine Polishing Pad 3"

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ZVIZZER All Rounder Ultra Fine Polishing Pad For DA And Rotary

The new ZviZZer POLISHING PADS are developed for the specific application in combination with the ZviZZer polishing system to achieve optimum results.

MADE IN GERMANY guarantees the associated quality and the longevity of the four reticulated (open-cell) foam types. Our optimized production of the foam blocks, the splitting, cutting, milling up to the waterproof bonding, happens entirely in Germany under constantly controlled quality assurance. Based on the modern and exclusive colour design, the respective application areas can be easily and individually assigned.

STANDARD“ polishing pad (green/ultrasoft) with rounded working edge and backwards Velcro.

Designed to remove:

Micro Scratches/Holograms


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