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Hyper Wax

Hyper Wax

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Hyper Wax is the new way to add gloss as well as protection to your vehicle and is really simple to foam or spray on. It’s the quick and easy alternative to polishing any vehicle from cars to vans and trucks.

The durable glossy finish lasts for months and is weather resistant, protecting from chemicals and the elements. It contains hydrophobic, water repellent polymers, which give impressive water sheeting and beading.

Product Description

High-Gloss Finish: Immerse your vehicle in a captivating shine that turns heads wherever you go.

Impenetrable Hydrophobic Shield: Rain or shine, Hyper Wax creates a water-repellent barrier, ensuring droplets bead up and roll off effortlessly.

Long-Lasting Defense: With just a single application, gift your vehicle up to six months of fortified protection against the elements.

Versatile Application: Whether you're using a foaming bottle or an injector system, Hyper Wax is crafted to seamlessly integrate with both, ensuring ease and efficiency.


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