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Iron X Fallout Remover

Iron X Fallout Remover

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Our Iron X fallout remover is formulated with a blend of advanced cleaning agents that latch onto iron particles, causing them to dissolve and be safely removed from the surface of your vehicle. By eliminating these harmful particles, our product prevents potential damage, including rust and corrosion.

This product is pH neutral and safe for all surfaces, including paint, glass, and alloys. Ideal for use as a part of your regular car maintenance routine, this solution guarantees your vehicle remains in peak condition, protected from the detrimental effects of ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants.

The beauty of Jennychem's Iron X Wheel Cleaner lies not only in its unrivalled efficacy but also in its versatility and simplicity of use. Suitable for all wheel types, including alloy, chrome, painted, anodized, and clear-coated wheels, our cleaner is as easy to use as it is effective. A simple spray onto your wheels initiates the process; as the formula turns purple, it indicates the reaction with iron particles. A rinse-off with a hose or pressure washer completes the process, revealing a radiant wheel surface. Rest assured, our formula is engineered with safety in mind, ensuring no damage to your wheels or tyres.

Continual usage of our Iron X Wheel Cleaner prevents further contamination and buildup, preserving your wheels' pristine appearance for extended periods. Embrace Jennychem's Iron X Wheel Cleaner for a steadfast and potent wheel cleaning solution that prioritises both performance and longevity.


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