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A 3-stage aluminum polishing set, intended  for both professionals and amateurs . The comprehensive use of products  removes scratches from the aluminum surface  and allows  you to obtain a crystalline, sharp mirror image . The included Super Finish wax paste protects the polished surface, removes micro scratches visible against the light, and further enhances the shine.

The discs  have a hole with a diameter of 14 mm suitable for polishers, electric and pneumatic grinders and polishers with an M14 thread. Ventilated discs reduce the risk of overheating of the polished surface and enable longer work with stronger pressure.

Recommended maximum disc revolutions 2500 - 3500 per minute.

The set contains  19  elements:

-  highly abrasive paste 1 FS - FIRST STEP ,

-  intermediate paste 2 SS - SECOND STEP ,

-  3 MF MIRROR FINISH finishing paste ,

- 20-layer disc made of impregnated cotton 1 FS  - FIRST STEP with a diameter of  205 mm / 8 inches,

- 20-layer soft cotton disc  2 SS - SECOND STEP  with a diameter of  205 mm / 8 inches ,

- 20-layer  shield made of very soft cotton  3 MF - MIRROR FINISH with a diameter of  205 mm / 8 inches ,

- 0.25l of Super Finish wax paste,

- 10 pieces of Polesie cloths made of ground felt,

- 2 pieces of microfiber cloths (HQ).


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