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Luhmi BigBalls + OneStep

Luhmi BigBalls + OneStep

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BigBalls  for  cleaning, polishing and protecting aluminum.  The set  enables precise polishing of hard-to-reach places,  e.g. recesses and recesses in car rims. The carefully refined shape  of BigBalls will enable easy and intuitive work with the product  without the use of electricity,  using  a cordless screwdriver  or  a traditional drill .

BigBall 1FS (yellow) intended for basic polishing . It allows you to  quickly and effectively remove scratches and dullness and prepares the surface for finishing polishing . Impregnated cotton  gives shine  and  a clear reflection .

BigBall 3MF (white)  intended  for finishing polishing of hard-to-reach places . It allows you  to remove scratches and micro-scratches after the previous polishing stage . It gives  an elegant shine  and  highlights the shapes of the polished surface . BigBall 3MF is made of a very  soft and delicate fabric .

OneStep aluminum polishing paste  0.5l is a 3-in-1 product intended for aluminum polishing  : it polishes, cleans and protects . The paste can be used  for both manual and machine polishing . Formula containing  wax that protects the surface against oxidation.

OneStep aluminum polishing paste 0.5l  removes sediment  flash rust  and  polishes  all aluminum surfaces.


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