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A set for cleaning and care of interior and exterior elements of trucks.

All Wheel Cleaner 1l  removes all  dirt from rims, such as: road dirt, flash rust, shavings from brake pads,  etc. All Wheel Cleaner is  a gel for washing and caring for all types of rims and hubcaps, including polished Dura and Bright ones.

GlassGlos 1l  cleans  glass surfaces at home and in the car . Removes regular and stubborn dirt, including  fingerprints and grease . It evaporates quickly, leaving a crystalline appearance of windows, mirrors and glass surfaces without streaks or streaks.

FastGlos 0.5l  cleans, polishes and protects car paint . It adds  color depth and shine to the paint ,  emphasizing the shapes of the bodywork . Removes delicate  dirt from chemicals and cleaning agents and removes delicate scale left by dried water . Protects and protects against the invasive effects of pollen, rain and snow. FastGlos makes it easier for water to flow off the paint surface . Applying FastGlos to wet paint will allow the bodywork to dry faster without leaving any streaks .

InterGlos 0.5l  polishes, leaves an elegant shine and a clean car interior.  Cleans delicate  dirt and preserves plastic parts of the vehicle,  including  the dashboard and door panels . Regenerates plastic and restores its color depth . InterGlos makes  plastic elements look like new . Additionally, it refreshes the interior, leaving a pleasant scent and shine.


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