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Snow Foam Cherry Blizzard

Snow Foam Cherry Blizzard

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Our Blizzard Snow Foam is a pH neutral pre-wash product, that is applied to the surface of a vehicle in the form of a foam. Designed to cascade over the vehicle to loosen and remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the surface. Making it easier to wash the vehicle and achieve a cleaner finish.

Dilute at 1:5

Product Description

  • Intense Cleaning Action: Penetrates deep into the grime, ensuring a pristine finish after every wash.
  • Luscious Cherry Fragrance: Not only does it cleanse, but the delightful cherry aroma makes your car wash experience truly refreshing.
  • Ultra-Dense Foam: The rich lather clings longer to the surface, allowing for optimal dirt encapsulation and an easier rinse.
  • Safe for All Finishes: Whether it's glossy, matte, or ceramic-coated, trust Cherry Blizzard to care for your vehicle's surface.


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