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Snow Foam Shampoo

Snow Foam Shampoo

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Our premium pH Neutral Snow Foam, designed to provide a safe, effective, and luxurious cleaning experience for your vehicle. Engineered to offer a powerful clean without compromising the integrity of your car's wax or sealant layer, the perfect choice for enthusiasts and professionals seeking a gentle yet potent cleaning solution.

Product Description

Gentle on Surfaces: With a pH-neutral formula, Snow Foam Shampoo ensures a powerful clean that's safe on all surfaces, including paintwork, metals, plastics, and rubbers, making it ideal for regular use.

Rich Lather: Experience a dense, luxurious foam that clings to the surface, allowing for an extended dwell time and more effective dirt and grime removal.

Safe for Waxes and Sealants: Carefully balanced to clean thoroughly while preserving your vehicle's protective wax or sealant layer, maintaining that showroom shine and protection.

Easy to Rinse: Despite its powerful cleaning action, it rinses off easily, leaving no residue and reducing the risk of water spots.

Biodegradable: Formulated with eco-conscious ingredients, it is as gentle on the environment as it is on your vehicle.

pH Neutral!

Wax & Sealant Safe

Dilute At 1:5

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