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Soft99 Tire Black Wax

Soft99 Tire Black Wax

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Tyre Black Wax by Japanese detailing giants Soft99 is a premium, solid wax which is highly durable and lasts for a long period of time. 

Highly Durable
While most tyre waxes last only a matter of days in moderate driving and weather conditions, you can enjoy durability for up to 1 month using the Soft99 Tire Wax (weather and terrain dependent). 

Why Wax?
Tires are often overlooked when transforming how your car looks. Tyre wax completes the look of your car, encouraging your tyres to keep their new showroom look for much longer. Soft99 Tyre Black Wax keeps your tyres looking black, new and fantastic for longer periods of time. Tip - also apply it to unpainted (black) plastic bumpers or leather for a super finish.

What Our Experts Think:
The Soft99 Tire Black Wax comes with a handy applicator sponge and is simple to apply to the exterior tyre wall. A little care is needed to ensure that you do not apply the wax directly to the tire threads. You instantly notice the black of the tyre rejuvinate as you apply the wax and it's pretty impressive! After buffing off with a microfibre cloth, the tyres had a really gloss black shine. 12 days later and after a moderate amount of driving in mixed weather, the tyres still look like new. Great product and surprisingly long lasting! 


  • Fully clean tyres and remove all dirt. Use a good quality wheel cleaner and a pressure washer. (Residue will effect the longevity of the tire wax)
  • Remove cap and dab into the wax. Apply evenly to the face of the tyre 
  • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes and buff off with a cloth to reveal a gloss shine
  • Note - do not apply to the tyre threads


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