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Vee Sheen Interior Dressing

Vee Sheen Interior Dressing

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Our Vanilla Fragrance Vee Sheen is perfect for plastic interiors. Amazing on dashboards, plastics and bumpers. Giving a gleaming finish, that will make the interior and exterior of your vehicle look like new. 

It is super easy to apply. For ease of use we recommend using a trigger bottle with the product used neat. Then you can just spray and wipe with a microfibre cloth to reveal a glistening shine. 

Product Description

Effortless Application: Crafted for ease, our formula ensures a streak-free application, making your vehicles plastics shine without any hassles.

Versatile Use: Whether it's the car's exterior, dashboard, or any other part, Vee Sheen Super guarantees a pristine finish.

Economical Solution: Given its concentrated nature, a little product goes a long way, ensuring extended usage and value for money.


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