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Zvizzer MC 3000 Medium 750ml Cut Compound

Zvizzer MC 3000 Medium 750ml Cut Compound

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Zvizzer Medium Cut Compound

Zvizzer Medium Cut MC3000 medium abrasive water-based compound designed to remove medium scratches from car paints. Made in Germany – Zvizzer has created a modern line of polishing compounds that have revolutionized the detailing industry. Therefore, the Zvizzer MC3000 compound is an outstanding medium/one-step compound.

Zvizzer Medium compound is perfect for removing medium scratches and swirl marks from most car paints. We will appreciate it, especially when working on medium or hard paints with moderate damage. However, we will also enjoy using this compound when working with soft paints. Zvizzer MC3000 is a compound with extremally effective diminishing abrasive particulars.

When used with the right polishing combination of pad and machine, we can easily obtain amazing results even with just one polishing stage. This compound is perfect for use on both; rotary and dual-action machines. We can use it with most polishing pads available on the market; sponge pads and microfiber pads. It is definitely must have a polishing compound for every detailer.

How to use Zvizzer MC3000 one-step compound?

Depending on the hardness of the paint, we recommend using Zvizzer MC3000 with different polishing pads. Orange Zvizzer Pad or Nat Blue Slash Pad for hard paints. For medium-hard paints, we recommend a Zvizzer Yellow pad or Nat Yellow medium.
Apply a few drops of the compound to the polishing pad.

Spread the Zvizzer Medium Cut over an area of ​​approximately 16×16″ at a slow speed (rotary machine about 800RPM, Dual Action 1-2 gear)
Increase the speed of the machine (rotary 1200-1500RPM, Dual Action 4-5 gear) and work with light pressure
Polish until the compound becomes transparent.
To check the result of the work, wipe the surfaces with a clean, dry microfiber. And then, wipe off the surfaces with a panel wipe liquid and microfibre cloth.


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